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Orbit’s main goal is to provide a wide range of multipurpose lifts all over the country. Since the foundation of the company, it was to provide internationally acclaimed top brand lifts in Bangladesh. A complete solution in vertical transportation. For this purpose, Orbits Technologies Ltd. produced a complete range of hydraulic lifts ideal for residential, commercial, hotels, industrial, and hospitals. Our most critically acclaimed brand is Glaire.


Spare Parts
For all brand lifts
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We provide spare parts at the most favorable price, not only for the brands that we provide
but for other brands as well and we repair the elevator at the most favorable price if needed.


of Old Lifts

We also provide elevator or lift modernization. This process is done by carrying out the up-gradation of important parts of the equipment. The main purpose is to improve safety standards and performance that have deteriorated over time. A lot of people go for elevator modernization to add more appeal to their elevator, this opts for it to add more value to their building with the help of contemporary designs.


of Lifts

We provide the highest customer service levels, offering lift maintenance along with a highly efficient call-out and lift repair service. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with very competitive pricing. Our lift maintenance service will ensure the good working order of your lifts. Our professionalism in carrying out our lift services is what makes us not only one of the best lift maintenance companies but also one of the most cost-effective in the country.

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